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We believe that patients in today’s day and age prefer their homes over hospital confinement.

In fact, elderly individuals have found more comfort and peace when choosing their own homes to retire in rather than be admitted in a nursing home or retirement facility.

For those patients who are facing difficulties associated with injury or disability, being at home and getting treatment is a much better option than a rehabilitation center.  Why is this so?

Many of us associate “home” to be a place of comfort.  We are familiar with its surroundings.  There is very little adjustment to make in our lifestyle if our environment is our own.  We keep our privacy and freedom.  This becomes the perfect setting for many individuals when getting treatment or receiving assistance with daily living activities.

At Joy Quality Homecare, Inc., this is our specialty.  We help clients fulfill their choice to stay at home.  Our job is to keep them healthy and well.  We are guided by a plan of care that outlines the care requirements and proper responses to such requirements.  The plan of care is developed by the collaborated effort of our staff, the client, the case managers, and guided by the client’s physician.

Choosing Joy Quality Homecare, Inc. is choosing home.  Our agency is proud to give you this option and we hope that you will take it!

We look forward to serving you soon!

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